Köch Construction – Marin County

Known for its beauty, wealth, and active residents, Marin County offers visitors and residents a truly unique perspective on California life. Situated between two world-famous areas—San Francisco and the Wine Country—Marin has no shortage of its own world-class style. Birthplace of modern mountain biking and home to America’s oldest cross country running event, Marin has shown time and again that its residents are some of the most active Californians.

Köch Construction handles commercial construction projects and residential construction projects in Marin County. Köch is a general contractor that’s been one of the area’s favorites for decades. We specialize in design-build contracting, meaning that we work with our clients through every single stage of construction, from site selection to building design to final construction. Because of this, we can offer some of the most competitive, most accurate price estimates in the industry.

Köch Construction has been building the offices, shopping centers, and homes that make our communities great since 1971. We have an unerring dedication to customer service, always striving to be the trustworthy, reliable general contractor that we’ve earned a reputation as. Our clients find our design-build method beneficial because it speeds up the design process and construction schedule and delivers the product they want within the budget they specified. If you would like to learn more about Köch Construction and what we can do for you, contact us today.